Sapphire St. Augustine

Like No Other in the World

Characteristics: Superior look, feel, exclusive – only one in the world

When “ordinary” isn’t in your vocabulary, look to Sapphire St. Augustine for an impressive alternative. Sapphire is the only high performance, finer blade St. Augustine in the world. Boasting a distinctive deep, blue-green color along with a soft texture you’ll love running your fingers (or toes!) through, you might first think Sapphire would be temperamental. Not so! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out Sapphire St. Augustine retains the characteristics of its heritage by delivering fast lateral growth, durability, and less maintenance once established.

Simply put… Sapphire St. Augustine creates a lawn to live on™.

Suitable for demanding, warm climates, Sapphire tolerates salt, shade, and drought well. Making it an excellent choice for coastal regions. It also requires less fertilization and exhibits improved wear recovery with reduced weed problems.

Bethel Farms is proud to be an authorized producer of Sapphire St. Augustine. Through stringent procedures and guidelines, this patented turfgrass is genetically pure, competitively priced, and meets strict quality control standards.

Before choosing the new turf for your lawn, you owe it to yourself to look at Sapphire.