Empire Zoysia

Barefoot Strolls Await With Empire Zoysia

Characteristics: Drought tolerant, barefoot

Top-of-the-Line Turfgrass. Narrow blade, soft texture grass that our “snow-birds” can really relate to. Plus…this turf matches future mandates, including: less water, less fertilizer and less chemicals.

This turf is years ahead of its time. Water restrictions are coming, and coming quickly! This is the turf that will be prepared to meet that changing standards of less water and less chemicals. Empire Zoysia elevates the standards and expectations for warm season turfgrasses by combining the elements of soft-to-the-touch feel, fine tight blade growth, and lush green color, with durability and minimal maintenance. It adapts to a wide range of soil types and requires less water than most other grasses, even in sandy loam soils.

When you’re seeking a thick blanket of deep green to make a striking appearance in your yard, you’ll appreciate the superior performance and beauty of Empire Zoysia. Discovered in Brazil, amid the lush, tropical foliage, there’s no wonder Empire thrives in both hot and humid as well as desert areas. You might not expect turf grass this strong to also be soft, but Empire beckons you to take barefoot walks across its plush carpet of densely packed blades. Especially created for family outings and backyard picnics, Empire welcomes a variety of activities without taking extensive wear and tear.

Tight blade growth also contributes to the depth of color found in Empire Zoysia. With its wide blades and luscious dark green hue that lasts through much of the winter, it’s truly a turf grass that will make your neighbors jealous. You’ll also enjoy greatly enhanced curb appeal for your home.

It is one of the few grasses rated to perform well in all zones. As hardy as it is attractive, Empire has a deep, thick root structure, and is more drought tolerant than most varieties of Zoysia once established. In addition, slow growth plus natural chinch bug and chemical resistance means your lawn will require less maintenance, mowing, and watering than with other types of warm season grass.

Durable enough for professional use, too, Empire is a favorite of homeowners as well as golf courses, theme parks, master planned communities, office complexes, and more.

Leave your shoes inside! Step onto the velvety softness of Empire Zoysia.