Celebration Bermudagrass

High-Performance Celebration Bermuda Grass

Characteristics:Shade & wear tolerant – excellent for golf courses, high schools, universities,
high-end communities

Golf Course Durable Grade. Thrives in heat and humidity, provided it is watered during periods of drought.

Celebration Bermudagrass brings the golf course setting to landscape professionals and homeowners alike. Its combination of proven performance, superior aesthetics, and commercial viability rivals or surpasses most other bermudagrasses.

If you’re looking for a turf for golf courses, polo fields or other sports venues, Celebration Bermuda is one rugged performer. Attractive as well as durable, Celebration is a hybrid cultivar of Bermuda grass developed in Australia for exceptional functionality in a wide range of applications. In fact, Celebration was rated #1 for wear and overall turf quality by a North Carolina State University study.

Engineered for superior wear, Celebration stands up to the heaviest traffic and – if injured – recovers rapidly. Add to that an excellent tolerance for heat (up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit) in dry or tropical climates and outstanding performance in full sun for a drought-tolerant variety of Bermuda grass that’s ideal for:

Sports fields
Golf courses
Country clubs
Recreation areas
High schools
Homes with children and pets
And more…

Surprisingly, Celebration is also tolerant of moderate shade. A Clemson University study rated Celebration #1 for shade tolerance among Bermuda grass cultivars.

Exceptional For Golf Course Renovations

Celebration is a favorite of golf courses especially during renovation projects. Celebration is a rapidly growing type of Bermuda grass that establishes very quickly allowing it to overtake and choke out weeds that may try to creep in. Once established, Celebration requires only moderate watering, mowing, de-thatching, and maintenance. Because Celebration is aggressive with weeds, it rarely experiences disease and insect problems. All of these qualities equate to less downtime and more rounds played.

The genetic purity and preservation of this specialized variety is protected by stringent controls. Bethel Farms is proud to maintain its designation as a Licensed Celebration Bermuda grass producer that is certified to grow and resale pure Celebration sod and plugs.